One-stop-shopping for the king of sweets. three ways to fall in love again.

  1. Chocolatey Triple Delight™ (2 bags)

  2. Chocolatey Pretzels

  3. white chocolatey pretzels

  4. 72 oz


Chocolate Heaven

savory & sweet 3-way TIN

• Chocolatey Triple Delight™

  1. gourmet caramel corn with almonds, pecans & cashews

  2. melt-in-your-mouth gourmet cheese corn

  3. 44 oz




Over $31 Goes to scouts


Over $26 Goes to scouts

The Cheesiest 3-way Tin

lip smackin’, finger lickin’ cheddar cheese popcorn (2 bags), and scrumptious white cheddar cheese popcorn

  1. 21 oz

say “cheese!”

Over $20 Goes to scouts

*Prices are for local - lakeland, FL delivery only!

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